About JSK Feeds

JSK Feeds Limited is one of the fastest growing producers of poultry & ruminant feed in Pakistan. Our hallmark is the production of best quality feed for the poultry, livestock and dairy industry. We are enabling our farmers to obtain the best results in form of maximum nutrition at the best price.

Our production unit is located in the province of Punjab Okara district, Pakistan. Punjab is the agriculture hub of the country and has over 40% of country’s population of ruminants and poultry.  We are strategically located in the middle of all the major consumption centers for poultry & ruminant feed as well as being in one of the largest grain producing districts. Our strategic location enables us to get the best raw materials and to deliver highest quality finished products to our customer’s doorstep in a time-saving and cost-effective way.

We are at par with international standards by exercising highest quality control measures and the best manufacturing & bio-security practices to ensure the quality of our products, hence a Happy Animal and a Happy Farmers


JSK Feeds Limited is an associated company of the Saif Group, which is one of the leading business conglomerates of Pakistan. With its history spanning around a century, Saif Group is ranked as one of the most admired organizations, with over 5,000 happy employees, working in regional offices throughout Pakistan and abroad. Read more about Saif Group at www.saifgroup.com


To be the premier poultry & ruminant feed manufacturer in the region.

Mission statement

To manufacture premium quality poultry & ruminant feed for the farmers and to help them achieve their very best.

We will implement following best practices of the industry for helping our farmers:

  • Our customer is our partner: We will ensure that our customer remains profitable and will focus on their wellbeing by applying high standards of excellence to purchase raw material, delivery within 24 hours of order placement and providing fresh feed to our customer every time.
  • Positive contribution towards customer, community and environment: We will develop satisfied customers all the time and will contribute positively to our community and environment.
  • We stand behind our work: We will constantly improve, innovate and meet our commitments.

Core Values

Since our inception we strongly believe in following core values on which our business is established:

Accountability: As an organization we will be accountable to our stakeholders while as individual team members, everyone will be answerable for his or her actions, decisions and behaviors.
Commitment: We will be committed to deliver highest standards and quality outputs.
Creativity: We will constantly innovate and encourage new ideas.
Discipline: We will adhere to the laws, rules and guidelines as laid down from time to time.
Honesty: We will remain truthful, candid and sincere in all situations
Humility: We will be modest about our achievements and our roles.
Integrity: We will never compromise on universal ethical standards.
Passion: We will demonstrate compassion, fondness and enthusiasm towards our business and betterment of our society and environment.
Positive Attitude: We will always have a “can do” approach. Also we will have a positive constructive mindset with regards to people and circumstances.
Respect: We will give respect to everyone regardless of his role/position/importance.
Responsibility: We will own our responsibility and will be the torch bearer.
Teamwork: We will work in a team and help each other in achieving our vision, mission and goals.