JSK Poultry Feed

We are the producers of premium quality feed for the poultry industry. Our feed is produced after a comprehensive quality assurance program, starting from the grading and selection of raw material, processing of raw material with quality checks at each level of production, culminating with testing in our own R&D farms. Even our supply chain is guided by strict standards to ensure quality.

Our products are available via our network of zonal sales managers who are highly qualified veterinary doctors and specialize in poultry farming. These doctors not only help our customers in product selection, but also provide after-sales services by conducting periodic visits to the farm, providing consultation regarding the disposal of the existing flocks and placement of the new. Under these sales managers comes a network of distributors, resellers and end-users/farmers.

Our standard production SKU is polypropylene bags of 50kg (when packed). Our products include:

Code Description
11 Chick Starter
12 Chick Grower
13 Layer
14 Broiler Starter
14ps Broiler Pre-Starter Special
14s Broiler Grower Special
15 Broiler Finisher
15s Broiler finisher special
15sm Broiler finisher – medicated